Discover the secret strategies to launching your offers using attraction marketing, ditching the overwhelm and skyrocketing your sales.

If you want to learn my rinse-and-repeat launch process on how to attract new clients and have your best launch ever, this is especially for you.
I was tired of the traditional launch methods, many moving parts, jumping on sales calls, cold DMS, very rigid schedule, the pressure of closures, investing in high-tech funnels, and investing in ads…..

I just wanted to have simpler launches that could give me my own space, launches which would be fun and exciting, launches that are totally aligned with me and my lifestyle, launches that are built on trust and most importantly- I didn’t want to show up on sales calls.

I just discovered my blend of the launch strategies, I launch whenever I feel so, I build relations rather than pressuring for sales, and clients get attracted to work with me rather than the cold DMS.

The unique blend perfectly fits me and my lifestyle.

The Strategies that follow my special sauce of customisation.

The strategies that get completely adjusted to my intuition.

inside the free masterclass you will discover

How to Setting Clear Launch Goals.

Clear Positioning and Messaging.

Building foundations for your first launch to hit your sales goals.

Build a launch strategy that boosts your visibility and authority.

Potent training that you can implement right away.

The exact mindset and energetic work you need for a successful launch.

How to get better results without burning yourself out.

Learn to sell in a friendly and easy way.

Hello, I am Asmita

I am a Business & Mindset coach for women.

A certified Course & Launch Strategist and a Certified Mindset Coach. I am also certified as a Neurogetics Coach, where we go deeper into multi-modal coaching.

I started my career as a Research Scientist after graduating in Mechanical Engineering, but never stopped learning and evolving. I completed a master's in Business Analytics and also worked as an Operations lead of a Mechanical Firm.

I entered the Online business world with a passion to build my blog and started supporting women entrepreneurs to expand their businesses online. And I worked with these women and got myself refined as a coach and up-levelled to actually call myself an expert.

Even though I had to restart my business from ZERO after pregnancy, I managed to scale the business to work LESS and EARN More in just 365 days. I built my own empire and hired a team of 3 to support me in my business.

I have been through the starting phase of business very recently and love supporting New Coaches + Online Service Providers with STRATEGY + MINDSET + ENERGETICS to Create & Market Profitable Offers and Scale to $5K+ months so that they can create a life of FREEDOM they truly desire!

I have worked over 200 Client hours, have my signature Minimind, my signature membership, a few group programs and many passive programs. I have gained multiple wins for me and my clients.

My mission is to empower women to create their businesses and enjoy the freedom that they truly deserve.

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