Simple Strategies that teach you how to Effortlessly Attract Ideal clients 24/7 into your world!

Learn my simple strategies that teach you how to effortlessly attract ideal clients into your world 24/7 with a Strategic Lead Magnet Mix  which feel easy to do & promote so your people know you are the expert and jump on to work with you.

Attracting ideal clients is considered the most difficult part of the business...
but it doesn’t have to be so complicated.
People struggle with signing clients because they miss the easiest methods and spend too much time going behind shiny objects that don’t work or may be don’t align with you.

I created this 24/7 CLIENT ATTRACTION METHOD to walk you through the process of easily attracting clients who love to buy from you and builds a holistic client attraction ecosystem so you never feel a lack of qualified people entering your world.

And yes that mean signing CONSISTENT CLIENTS without over-complicating the sales process. 

Your Business Needs A System to Attract Clients Round the Clock!

Did you know, a well-defined Lead Magnet Mix builds up a solid system to Attract Clients 24/7.

 It caters for audiences at different purchase stages, speaks to different audiences and includes various lead magnet formats to attract maximum learner styles.  

This is your lead magnet combo that works as your client attraction ecosystem and keeps funnelling people into your paid offers.

And the best part, it doesn't take too much time to build this most profitable 24/7 Client Attraction System.

Inside this training, you will learn strategies for creating these non-negotiable free gifts that fuel prospect clients into your world and build a rock solid client attraction foundation for your online business.


I am Asmita, a mum of 2 and that Business Growth and Visibility Coach who rebuilt her entire business in 365 days in a totally different market whilst being pregnant and having a toddler to care for. People joining my world never want to leave me and love how we simplify things by taking care of practicalities and foundations as we start to scale our business. (Even if it means starting from zero)

I will share with you exactly how strategic lead magnets work to showcase your expertise and attract clients from all over to build a sustainable business that lasts longer. (No They don't attract only freebie seekers)

The reason I am Hosting this training...

I have tried multiple ways to sign clients while I was restarting my business after burning down a biz that brought in consistent 4-figure monthly income.

 It was hard to see zero income months and yet keep hustling to sign that next client.  

I was drained up with hunting clients... I was drained by those endless discovery calls... I was drained from faking to hold that high-vibe energy....with the hope of signing that one client.
I felt it was a pure waste of time to be an energetic match, getting rid of money blocks, investing high tickets and whatever trainings that promised me to sign clients consistently.

While these strategies may be working for others, BUT they didn’t work for me- I was totally new to the industry.

Yes, they work when you have an established business but what about strategies that help you establish a business?
What about real strategies for someone starting from scratch with no to a little audience?

What about the strategies that help entrepreneurs make their first $1K and even their first $5K?

It's easy to scale and build up on what exists but it is hard to build up from zero. I had to find something that helped me build up from foundations.

I had to position myself as an authority and make a way through to my ideal clients. I had to stand out from the competition and be seen as an expert in what I do.

That’s when I discovered this 24/7 Client Attraction Method.

And to my surprise, it has built multiple million-dollar businesses but was still underrated.

I tweaked this proven method with a blend of my own strategies to position me as an expert and attract clients effortlessly. 

And it didn’t take too much time and didn’t rely on timid trends or get outdated with time.

We Will be covering:

✅What is this 24/7 Client Attraction System and how does it work? ✅Freebie Seekers Vs Quality Audience.
✅Two Types of audiences that your lead magnet should speak to for better quality audience.
✅What is a Strategic Lead Magnet Mix and how you can create one? ✅The non-negotiable lead magnets that every business needs to attract, nurture and convert clients.
✅How to make sure you are attracting qualified buyers through your lead magnets.
Why is this strategy still underrated even when almost all successful businesses use it?
✅Why you should be considering building strategic lead magnets if scaling is on your list.
Super simple strategies to build lead magnets right away without consuming too much of your time.
✅A different approach to seeing your lead magnets and building your own 24/7 client attraction ecosystem. 

Please note this is a no-fluff full-fledged 70-80 minutes live training session- it’s everything that has helped me attract clients without draining myself out. Don’t be fooled by the price, there is no upsell at the end. I never sell anything on paid trainings as I believe in delivering value in low tickets.



For someone who is clear on what they have to offer and have courses or programs of their own to be sold.

It’s ok if it is DFY service or 1:1 but it is something you do with your own expertise.

You are clear on what you want to be known for and what problems you would love to solve for your clients.


Live Training at 11 AM EST on 10th April, 2024(WEDNESDAY)

Replay, slides and anything shared during the live training will be shared with you.
Access to Program Upgrades in the future. (This will be one of my signature offers costing above $500)

Want to start attracting clients from all over and fill your courses and programs easily?

Something as fast as 4 weeks to see the results.

Just $47 if you get it today!!!

Which normally you should make it back in the first 30 days if you implement things right away.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you attend live and feel you haven’t learned anything new, let me know within 7 days of the training and I will process your refund. (This doesn’t include a change of mind.)

ABC membership is all focussed on taking foundational action.  You do learn similar strategies but this is a much advanced level training. It’s more theory-based for you to work in your time. You can learn the strategies here and avail the support in ABC to get it done.

If you are part of Journey to Success, definitely yes because that’s my promise. If you are part of Audience Builders Club then it's 50% off.(Message me for your special code)

You will have the replays within 12 hours of the training for you to go through. You will also have access to upgrades to this course over the year.

Yes, you can buy the price but I will be increasing the price of the replay. It will be $97 for the replay. (Since this is going to become my signature program which costs above $500.)

This itself is a full-fledged training and there is no upsell with this training.
I never sell something on my paid trainings. That's not my policy. You get full training and a little of Q & A towards the end.