Laser-Focused Coaching for Action-Oriented Entrepreneurs Who Love to Move Fast and Get a Lot Done in One Week

Ready to supercharge your business?

Imagine what you could accomplish if you had an entire week dedicated to laser-focused growth and personalised coaching.📈

  Wouldn’t it be great if you could get done a month's work in just a week to scale your business?🚀  

That’s exactly what you get with VIP Week—a premium, action-packed coaching designed for entrepreneurs who want results fast.📊🚀 

Why Choose VIP Week?

😍You will receive the dedicated support and strategic insights needed to make substantial advances in your business.

🤑VIP Week is perfect for entrepreneurs who are prepared to work intensively and see immediate results.

🚀You get all that you need in just one week We go over your goals and current problems to find a solution, gain more clarity and create an actionable plan that gives you results faster.

📈You get a lot done in just one week which scales your business 4x faster.

What's Included in VIP Week:

💥Three Hours of One-on-One Calls:

We’ll dive deep into your business challenges and opportunities, strategising solutions and plans tailored specifically to your needs.

💥Five Days of Voxer Access:

You’ll have direct access to Asmita via Voxer, providing you with the flexibility to ask questions and receive advice in real time as you work through the week’s goals.

💥Rapid Implementation:

The focus is on immediate action and implementation. You'll get quick feedback and modifications to help you keep the momentum going.

💥Customised Action Plan:

Receive a bespoke action plan at the beginning of the week that aligns with your specific business goals and objectives.

💥Accountability and Support:

With daily check-ins, we ensure that you stay on track and maximise your productivity throughout the week.

Here’s What We Can Get Done Together:

These are just a few things, we can get a lot done together for the holistic growth of business.

Visibility Planning and Implementation:

Let’s uncover new ways and create a plan to increase your business’s visibility and attract more ideal clients. We get to review the plan and start implementation in a week.

Offer Suite Refinement:

We get to streamline and refine your offers to gain maximum profit from your product suite and add on recurring revenue.

Launch Mapping:

We will map out your detailed launch plan and start creating all the required assets to make this most successful launch. We go over every step of your launch so there are minimal flaws and no hindrances to money coming in.

Facebook Ads Set Up:

We can crate a Paid Visibility plan and set up your first campaign together with a screen share feature. You will also learn how to analyse and optimise the results as your business grows.

Content Mapping and Creation:

We create a month's worth of content in just one week by doing content intensives.

Automation Plan:

We work on evaluating your current automation and create a solid plan to automate sales and bring in semi-passive revenue. We get to implement this automation in just a week.

Auditing Business Structure:

We can work on auditing your current structure and find strategies to fill out the gaps which help us bring in more revenue with less work.

  ✅Create Your Sales Engine: 

We can work together on your sales plan and create all sales assets like sales pages, emails, onboarding and referrals. This will ensure you have a solid sales pipeline to increase your revenue.

Who Should Sign Up for VIP Week?

🏃🏻‍♀️VIP Week is ideal for fast-mover entrepreneurs who need focused time to work on specific areas of their business with expert guidance.

 🚀This is perfect if you’re preparing for a launch, needing to refine your marketing strategy, or looking to streamline operations.

📈This is for you if you need structure and support to achieve substantial progress

How to Get Started:

✅Grab a Spot by completing the Checkout.

✅Book Your Slot: by selecting the most feasible time for you.  

✅Pre-Week Assessment: Fill out a detailed questionnaire to clarify your goals.  

✅Book A 1:1 Calls on the link you receive via email.  

✅Meet Asmita at the scheduled time when we work on your goals and in Voxer