The Social Media Makeover Planner

Discover how to Maximise your VISIBILITY, be seen as an AUTHORITY and sell your offers sleaze-free.



  • Nail your positioning going deeper beyond the common “I help” statement.  
  • Establish yourself as an expert and build credibility on socials.  
  • Build a solid client attraction social media funnel so you never feel a lack of clients.  
  • Unlock the authority content formula so you get paid for what you create and write.  
  • Explore the simple systems required to sign clients on social media. 



  • Have a cookie-cutter strategy that doesn't align with you.  
  • Spend countless hours taking inspiration for your social media content.  
  • Get drained out by trying to use social media to sign clients.  
  • Trying to show up without strategy and ending up getting zero sales.  
  • Attract endless people but none of them is actually ready to invest. 


💡 Stand out from the crowd and position yourselves as a real expert not just the one with a fancy I help statement.
📝 Build a solid social media client attraction funnel so you turn watchers into buyers on autopilot.  

✍️ Learn the art authority content so people see you as an authority and are ready to invest in you.  

📣Leverage your social media without getting drained out and finally sign clients with ease.  

🥳Master lead generation to funnel people from social media into your mailing list. 


The Social Media Makeover Planner

7-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee.
You are protected by our no-questions asked money back guarantee.

Here's exactly what you'll get:

A step-by-step process to maximise your VISIBILITY, be seen as an AUTHORITY and sell your offers sleaze-free by funnelling your tribe from socials into your paying clients.

Step 1

Nailing your Positioning

  • Simplify your positioning once and for all by answering just 3 simple questions which is the quickest way to find your strength.  
  • Learn the positioning that also goes beyond socials, yes your positioning is beyond the “I help Statement”.  
  • Unlock secrets to stand out from the competition and attract clients. 

Step 2

Your Social Media Client Attraction Funnel

  • Learn to optimise your Instagram & Facebook to turn visitors into paying clients.   
  • Leverage things that you already have done or achieved to own your authority and attract clients.   
  • Explore the simple tweaks to start attracting clients into your world with ease 

Step 3

The Authority Content Formula

  • Unlock different styles of posts that help you build your authority and attract clients from all over.  
  • Get brainstorming content ideas for your Instagram to create momentum and sign clients.  
  • Generate content ideas for Facebook to turn your followers into super fans and then buyers. 

Step 4

Signing Clients On Socials

  • Reflect on your existing system to sign clients on socials and find out the gaps.  
  • Learn to do simple tweaks in your existing system to ease client acquisition on social media.  
  • Explore how building lead magnets can actually get people in your world sleaze free. 

7-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee.
You are protected by our no-questions asked money back guarantee. 

Hi there, my name is Asmita and I have rebuilt my coaching business fast because…

I focussed on showing up effortlessly to build a qualified audience.

It took me 3 months to build my authority and start selling programs.

🔥I have sold passive offers ranging from $7 to $97
🔥High ticket offers ranging from $497 to $2997
🔥And spots to work privately with me starting at $666 pm to $1500 pm.

And all of this organically without using cold DMS or sales calls. 

MEET Asmita

Hello, I am Asmita Business Growth & Visibility Coach, Abundance Excelerator, Mindset Magician and Strategy Superhero.

I am that Business Growth Coach who RE-BUILT her entire business from ZERO in just 365 days whilst being pregnant, whilst having a toddler to care for.

I know a thing or two about building and scaling businesses. The wrong way AND the effortless way….. You know? Since I’ve already done it twice.

I am not just the coach who claims to be an expert, but the Coach who has actually put in the effort to be an expert. I have invested over $11000 in certifications, 300+ client hours, and 500+ study hours on getting trained to be the best in my niche.

My unique ABC Coaching Effect that blends STRATEGY + MINDSET + ENERGETICS is proven to get results. Here to make an impact, here to stay. 

As Seen In :


You will experience faster results by making implementation easier.
 Takes off the creative burden and gives you exactly what you need.  
Simple and easy-to-follow steps. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, this is a great option for you. You can use this planner to make your custom VISIBILITY plan right from the beginning.

Yes, this planner simplifies showing up on socials to build your authority effortlessly.

Yes, but I am not sure how long this product will be available and the price can go up any time (this is a special introductory price).

No, this works for all kinds of coaches, content and course creators who want to attract clients.

YES! This helps you to get clarity about what exactly you want to be known for and build your authority in that space.

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Yes, there is a 7-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.