Hello, I am Asmita

Business Growth & Visibility Coach.

Burnt down 5 Figures to rebuild something that feels more aligned

RE-BUILT her entire business from ZERO in just 365 days whilst being pregnant and having a toddler to care for.

Invested over $11000 in certifications, 300+ client hours, and 500+ study hours on getting trained to be the best in my niche. Invested over $105K in business in last 4 years.

Host Bundles & Summits, Run memberships and have dozens of low-priced offers + Lead Magnets.

A research scientist and head of operations for a mechanical firm. Mechanical Engineer and Master in Business Analytics.

My unique ABC Coaching Effect that blends STRATEGY + MINDSET + ENERGETICS to SIMPLIFY STRATEGIES and CUSTOMISE everything your way is proven to get you results.

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⚡️Welcome to My Everything Page.⚡️

You will find all that I have created in my business- Free & Paid products all together. I have categorised products to make navigating easier for you.
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I also have a lot of other Free Resources created over the years and not included here to keep this page themed. Instead, have them organised on the FREEBIES PAGE separately. 

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Here you will find all around getting

visible, content creation, mindset, productivity, client attraction, business foundations etc


Here you will find all-around

offer creation, offer refinement, course launches, sales and delivery etc


Here you will find all-around

List Building, Email Marketing, Tripwires, Automation, Passive Sales, Evergreen Offers Facebook Ads etc


Here you will find various options to work with Asmita privately.

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The Audience Builders Club 

A hub for online entrepreneurs to Get Clarity, Nail Positioning, Get Visible, Build an Audience, and Create & Sell Signature Offers to finally hit the $3K to $5K months in business.


Content To Consistent Clients

Learn how to create content that attracts ready to buy Audience

30 Days of High Converting Content Prompts for you!

Enjoy our specially curated Content Prompts to ease your content creation journey and build your authority.


Grab these Story Ideas to know exactly what to post, be consistent, and strategically convert clients every single day.

Killer IG Bio Checklist

Step by Step IG bio checklist to attract your dream clients on Instagram.

30 Minutes Daily IG Engagement Plan!

Ease the overwhelm of engaging by using this Done-For-You 30 minutes daily IG Engagement Plan.

The Ultimate Client Attraction Planner

Build Your Authority and Get Paid Daily by Attracting Dream Clients into Your World Effortlessly.

The Ultimate Client Attraction Workshop & Planner

60 Minutes Detailed Workshop and Bonus Step-by-Step Editable Planner to Simplify showing up on Social Media to Attract Dream Clients into Your World Effortlessly.

The ZERO to Authority Planner 

The Ultimate step-by-step planner to help you master your IT factor, build your authority and boost the trust factor so that you don’t have to convince people to work with you.

ZERO to Authority Workshop & Planner 

A 60 Minutes Detailed Workshop & Planner with The Ultimate step-by-step plan to help you master your IT factor, build your authority and boost the trust factor so that you don’t have to convince people to work with you. (even if you are just starting).

The Social Media Makeover Planner

Discover how to Maximise your VISIBILITY, be seen as an AUTHORITY and sell your offers sleaze-free.

The Social Media Makeover (With Bonus Planner)

Discover how to Maximise your VISIBILITY, be seen as an AUTHORITY and sell your offers sleaze-free.

Instagram Roadmap Success Kit

Learn the proven optimization framework that you need to make your IG standout for your Dream Client

The Ultimate Instagram Strategy Kit

Learn the quick and simple strategies to funnel your audiences from watcher to buyer.

The Social Media Captions Templates!

Ease your content writing journey with these ready-to-use copy templates.

365 Days of IG Content prompts

To ATTRACT, NURTURE AND CONVERT your followers into paying clients every single day!


50 High Converting Freebie Ideas to build your Mailing List!

My Proven Simple yet Effective Freebie Ideas to jumpstart building your email List.

47 Ideas to Promote Your Lead Magnet!

Promote your newly built lead magnet with these ideas and grow your list faster with qualified buyers!

21 Powerful Ladder Post Templates

My Most Converting Ladder Post Templates to help you promote your freebie and get better leads from social media.

How I Gained 800 New Leads in 30 Days Without Social Media 

An exclusive training where I reveal my proven strategies to attract 800 new leads in just 30 days, all without relying on social media.

 Whether you're new to lead generation or looking to enhance your current strategies, this session is packed with actionable insights and real-life examples that you can implement immediately.

Lead Magnet Templates

Get Instant access to easy-to-use Lead Magnet Templates for faster creation of your freebies and boosting your email list.

Email List Foundations 101

Your Essential Guide to Building a Powerful Email List, One Subscriber at a Time.

Email Nurture Sequence Templates!

5 Ready To Use Email Nurture Sequences turn your new leads from freebie seekers to buyers.

The 24/7 Client Attraction Method 

Simple Strategies that teach you how to Effortlessly Attract Ideal clients 24/7 into your world!


The Triple Effect

Discover how the secret of the triple effect will supercharge your business to boost visibility, audience and sales STRATEGY + MINDSET + ENERGETICS

The ABC Coaching Effect

Discover how a multi-modal coaching approach, combining neuroscience-science, energetics and mindset can help you supercharge your success.

Masculine & Feminine Energies in Content Creation 

Discover the importance of Masculine and Feminine energies in content creation to skyrocket your visibility.

Balancing Business & Motherhood

My little secrets to simplify business to scale it whilst being a mum of 2 little ones under 2.

Manage Time Like a Pro

A no-fluff 60-minute workshop that gives you proven tips and strategies to manage time so you master organising your time and never feel a lack of time.


Get Instant Access to a 60-minute foundational workshop where you get to master the 4 core pillars of biz foundations to skyrocket your success.

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A 6-month intensive program designed to help you master various launch strategies, craft high-demand offers, and eliminate launch overwhelm."


The Masterclass Launch Checklist 

Take a step-by-step approach to your next successful masterclass launch without ending up being overwhelmed!

Ultimate Launch Bundle 

Take a step by step approach to your 6 Figure Course Launch without ending up being overwhelmed!

10 Solid Foundations of a 5 figure course launch 

Huddle up 'cause I’m about to hand you 10 SOLID FOUNDATIONS that will EMPOWER you for a 5 Figure Course Launch without BURNOUT so you can enjoy the FREEDOM you Desire!


Get our step-by-step checklist to map out and launch your offers via 3 to 5 Days Challenge without overwhelm!

Course Launch Email Templates!

You get emails covering live challenge launch, masterclass launch, evergreen launch inlcuding the emails used to sell your offer.

The Launch Strategy Foundations 

Discover the FOUNDATIONAL strategies to launching your offers using attraction marketing, ditching the overwhelm, and skyrocketing your sales.

The Ultimate Evergreen Launch Roadmap

Unlock the power of evergreen funnels to sign clients on autopilot.

The Magnetic Launch Club

Ditch the launch overwhelm and learn how to create and launch offers that sell out crazily!


Discover the Power of Micro Offers to create impact, amplify results and unlock the growth potential of your business.

Sales & Marketing

30 IG Story Prompts 

30 Creative Story Prompts To Keep Your Audience Engaged + Weekly Story Planner Excel To Keep You Organised!

Generate ENDLESS Leads Via IG Stories

My proven Roadmap to SELL every single on IG Stories without draining your energy.

365 Days of IG Story prompts 

365 Days of Strategically Planned Instagram Story Prompts to help you ease your selling process on Instagram.

Sold Out On Stories 

Discover the proven Instagram Strategy, pre-made sequences and sales psychology you need to sell out your offers using Instagram stories.

The Ultimate Instagram Content Guide

Discover How to Powerfully Use Instagram Stories and Sign Clients Consistently with ease!

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A 12-Month Purposeful Journey With Strategic Monthly Missions Focused on Nailing Visibility and Leveraging Sustainable Systems to Scale Your Business For Consistent Cash Flow and add 5 figures in Semi Passive Revenue.


Email Nurture Sequence- Plug & Play

Grab my exact 6-part email nurture sequence (6 emails) that helps me convert new leads into paying clients on automation.

Editable Email Marketing Planner!

The Simple Email Marketing planner that helps you be organized and strategic with your emails to build authority & generate sales.


Evergreen Launch Checklist.

The exact step-by-step tasks to generate passive revenue by launching your evergreen funnel.

Beginners' Passive Income Cheatsheet

The proven strategies that generate passive income on autopilot.

Step by Step Passive Income Guide

Your step-by-step game plan for creating passive income with ease.


Profitable Lead Funnel Roadmap

The Ultimate Lead Magnet Funnel Strategy to Automating Your Way From Cold Leads to Hot Buyers.

One Week Lead Magnet Funnel Challenge 

A one-week self paced challenge to build, grow and monetise your mailing list so you don’t have to rely completely on social media to sell your programs..

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one on one Offers

Power Hour

60-minute personalised 1:1 Coaching to Strategize Your Business Growth, from Visibility Planning to Offer Creation, Launch Plans, Funnels, and Beyond.

Soulful Activation

Tap into the Depths of Your Being, Connect with Inner Strength, and Unleash the Power Within to Fulfil Your True Potential

VIP Week 

Laser-Focused Coaching for Action-Oriented Entrepreneurs Who Love to Move Fast and Get a Lot Done in One Week


Accelerate Your Business Growth with a 12-week Executive 1:1 Coaching for Business Strategies, Accountability and Growth.

This highly focused coaching package is to avoid distractions and focus on 1-2 goals with the highest priority to be accomplished in the next 12 weeks to achieve substantial change in your business.

Deep Dive

Immerse Yourself in 12 Weeks of Intensive 1:1 Support for total Business Transformation and Growth.

Deep Dive is specifically designed for entrepreneurs and business leaders who are not just dreaming of success but are ready to take decisive, strategic action to achieve it.


Elevate Your Business with Strategic Visibility and Automated Expansion.

Ascend is a premier coaching program meticulously crafted for accomplished entrepreneurs ready to propel their business to new heights wiith a laser focus on strategic visibility, automated expansion, mulitiple offers from your existing content, and unlocking more revenue from existing clients.

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The Everything Page is a brainchild of Elizabeth Goddard. I have learnt from here and built this page for me. You can learn about Lizzy here.

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