The Only Story Prompt Resource You’ll Ever Need!

30 Creative Story Prompt Ideas to keep your audience Engaged + Weekly Story Planner to keep you organised!

30 Creative Story Prompts To Keep Your Audience Engaged + Weekly Story Planner Excel To Keep You Organised!


  • You will cut the time and stress of thinking of new story ideas every day. 
  • You will sell your offers with ease by taking your take your audience on a journey from cold to hot.
  • You will build a relationship with your tribe by sharing the  behind the scene. 
  • You will get more conversions by boosting your story views strategcally. 
  • You will know what your audience exactly needs by taking the real-time feedback.
  • You will be consistent on stories and ease the overwhelm. 
  • You will be organised in your story planning by using the Weekly Story Planner.

Hello, I am Asmita Business Growth & Visibility Coach, Abundance Excelerator, Mindset Magician and Strategy Superhero.

I am that Business Growth Coach who RE-BUILT her entire business from ZERO in just 365 days whilst being pregnant, whilst having a toddler to care for.  

I know a thing or two about building and scaling businesses. The wrong way AND the effortless way….. You know? Since I’ve already done it twice.  

I am not just the coach who claims to be an expert, but the Coach who has actually put in the effort to be an expert. I have invested over $11000 in certifications, 300+ client hours, and 500+ study hours on getting trained to be the best in my niche.  

My unique ABC Coaching Effect that blends STRATEGY + MINDSET + ENERGETICS is proven to get results. Here to make an impact, here to stay. 

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