A 12-Month Purposeful Journey With Strategic Monthly Missions Focused on Nailing Visibility and Leveraging Sustainable Systems to Scale Your Business For Consistent Cash Flow.

What if you could get Laser Focussed Missions, Amazing Community, Accessible Support and Quick-to-Implement Trainings to build a sustainable business that banks in consistent cash every single day in the next 12 months?

Sounds Exciting right?


Access to everything that helped me rebuild my entire business in 365 days, yes all the major steps that helped me build my authority start bringing in semi-passive cash every single day.

You will get first hand expereince with how I moved my business to semi-passive ways using evergreen methods and adding extra revenue stream to my business on automation.

The Journey to Success is your opportunity to work on automating your business by taking one step at a time and being assured that this all is working perfectly in building the bigger picture of your business that you have always dreamt of.😇 {We do only basic automation and not go into complicated funnels and tech}

With The Journey To Success, you can:

⭐Spend the next 12 months focusing on taking micro steps that help you simplify your business with simple automations and adding evergreen model (semi passive model to your revenue stream)
⭐Avoid the overwhelm of having too many things at hand and having no idea of where to get started when it comes to build systems in business for automated sales and visibility.
⭐Exactly knowing the goal for the month and getting to action holding yourselves accountable with the community.
⭐Scale your business further with adding extra $2K to $5K semi-passive income on automation.
⭐Build high converting sales assests(Sales Emails, Sales pages, Launch Campaigns) for your signature offers so you can sell them autopilot with using schedulers.
⭐Ease the need of social media and start building your multi offer ecosystem that enables you to make sales daily.


A 12-Month Purposeful Journey With Strategic Monthly Missions Focused on Nailing Visibility and Leveraging Sustainable Systems to Scale Your Business For Consistent Cash Flow.


The JOURNEY Framework is 4 step framework focussing on 4 core areas of a business growth with semi passive methods. We build your evergreen funnel/systems to scale your business with simple automations.


The JOURNEY is a unique process that helps you build long lasting success by following the strategic steps and building things that can be used over and over again. It's a journey to create evergreen systems in your business that last longer and guarantee success.

The JOURNEY framework also nicely elaborates the growth of a business on automation...

J-Jumpstart Automated Success.
O-Onward Progress.
U-Unstoppable Success with Semi Passive Methods.
R-Rinse & Repeat Methods.
N-Navigating Through Automation Challenges.
E-Empowering Growth with Surprise Revenue.
Y-Yielding Profits On Top Of Your Core Offers.


We go over creating your first evergreen lead magnet funnel which converts visitors into buyers in semi passive way, then move on to get massive visibility and audience growth and finally work on creating valuable sales assests for your signature offers so you can sell them over and over in fun ways.

This JOURNEY and it's 12 missions will equip you to operate your business on simple automation i.e semi passive ways with addition of monthly passive revenue to your succesful business.

The Journey to Success is the Super Fun Way to …

✅Grow your email list massively and get huge exposure and an audience who is ready to buy.
Automate your sales process so you have cash coming on every single day in a semi-passive way. (You will still have your regular offers in your business apart from these)
✅Say yes to the most easiest launches that don’t drain your energy but still bring high revenue to help you celebrate wins. (The Signature offer sales assests that we create)
✅Build evergreen systems that work as a sustainable ecosystem and you start treating your business as a real business.
✅Add on semi-passive revenue to your already succesful business so you can scale to the next level by freeing up your time.

Hi, I am Asmita

I restarted my buisness in 2022 and saw a good success but yet I felt I was capped with my capacity. I had a lot more offers that included 1:1 access to me which drained me.😬

No mater how much ever I wanted to be fully in my business, showing up on social media..I couldn't with 2 little babies under 3. I was strugling to make business easy and not add another mess (Overwhelm & burnout) on top of what my life had already gifted me with this new mommy llifestyle.

I invested a lot in high ticket coaching and programs to help me scale my business but I ended getting drained up and disappointed as nothing moved forward.😓

I seemed to be working and working but things never moved further. All strategies that I learned looped back to showing up powerfully for your business and that exactly was my limitation.😔

I had to figure out a way that helped me lean back with the right energy by doing all the work...

In January 2023, I decided enough was enough. I was done with struggling to show up on social media and be all in with my own personal limitations even though that's what I always wanted to do.

I had to find an alternative that could still bring in people in my world while I simplied social media and cleaned all the offers that drained me.

I had to find my way of doing things rather then over investing in programs with a hope of solution which did nothing but made my business a money-eating monster.

I decided to focus on monthly goals rather than the business as a whole picture

I started creating multiple micro/mini offers, created multiple lead magnets, started building my list and cleaned up my signature offers. I had no idea how this puzzle would get solved in bigger picture.

I grabbed the opportunity of participating in multiple bundles and testing Facebook Ads. To my surprise, I got a massive recognition that I always desired with these micro offers and lead magnets that my high ticket offers could never give me.🤩

Pushing a little further with adding simple automations and launching evergreen programs helped me bank cash every.single day.😍💃

I added additional passive revenue to my business just via these micro offers and automation which I thought was never possible for me. And not to forget all of these automations lead into my signature evegreen offers. (Yes, recurring revenue and money making offers).

This JigSaw puzzle was now a clear ROADMAP...

Then tried this step-by-step process with my private clients and they saw amazing results. And this is exactly what I cover inside cover in this 12-month journey.
12 months and 12 missions that cover major part of the process and supporting tasks that make this puzzle a clear path to success. Yes, we follow the JOURNEY framework for semi passive success.


We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all way to scale your business.

You will never be forced to follow any strategies that don't fit or don't align with you. You shouldn’t be doing things just because others did it.

Journey to Success is where I give all different strategies and steps based on what worked for me and many of my clients. These are foundational strategies that are working well in the Online Entrepreneurship World. You get to customise everything that you learn here in your way, the way that fits your brand. 

the Journey To Success

A 12 Month Purposeful Journey With Strategic Monthly Missions Focused on Nailing Visibility and Leveraging Sustainable Systems to Scale Your Business For Consistent Cash Flow.

⚡Creating those multiple lead magnets and your profitable lead magnet suite which bring in clients every single day in your world.

⚡️Adding multiple micro offers to your product suite and doing a lot of bundles for massive list growth.

⚡Building those high converting lead magnet funnels (tripwire funnels) which convert watchers into buyers and help you monetise your list faster.

 ⚡Expanding your horizon beyond social media and really going evergreen with content and visibility. (Blog, YouTube, etc)
 ⚡️Exploring the paid ads for larger exposure and lead generation so you can really scale in a semi passive way.

⚡️Mastering selling in emails via fun and exciting ways so you have a solid sales system to sell your core offers that doesn't rely on algorithm.

Let's explore the missions further...

Lead Magnets

Fuel your list growth and nurture your audience by building multiple lead magnets (profitable lead magnet mix) of different formats and catering to different audiences..

Micro Offers

Master the art of creating multiple micro offers so you can participate strategically in multiple bundles and also use them to monetise your list-building efforts.

Tripwire offers

Automate your sales by setting high-converting Tripwire offers and setting them into your Lead Magnet Funnels. Yes, the Tripwire Funnels that can bring in surprise money everyday.

Evergreen Sales Sequences

Boost sales by converting nurture emails into strategic sales sequences that bring clients on repeat

Evergreen Content Creation

Fuel your list-building ecosystem by integrating evergreen content that lasts longer. (Blogs, YouTube)

Bundles and Collaborations

Expand your reach, boost your authority and attract new audiences by collaborating in bundles and giveaways.

Paid Visibility

Build an Awareness Content Ecosystem by using Facebook ads to get exposure and build your list of warm audience.

Facebook Lead Ads

Master lead ads (lead form & landing pages) to grow your list to convert cold traffic and also harness the power of retargeting for list growth.

Sales Pages

Master the art of creating compelling sales pages that convert better for your core offers that makes selling your core offers fun and rewarding.


Harness the power of waitlisting as a Email Launch Strategy to create hype around your offers.  Launch your the next offer on your list to much excitement.

Flash Sales

Craft compelling sales emails to create urgency, instil desire, and sell your offers effectively which builds your flash sales system to be used from time to time.

Offer Parties

Unlock the potential of offer parties and selling various things to bring in huge cash injection for any celebration worthy events froom your life.

I know you are here because you want to take your business to the next level by adding semi-passive ways to make money. You want to expand your business with rock-solid foundations, sustainable systems and evergreen methods to bring in clients on autopilot.

You know that you are meant for more and ready to take action to build something that isn’t totally reliable on some trends or just you. You are ready to commit to this journey full of missions to nail visibility and build systems that help you achieve the next level of income and impact in your business.

You want to follow step-by-step focused missions which all play together in the bigger picture and help you simplify your business.  You can clearly see your transformation over these 12 months and are dedicated to this journey along with me.

You are all set to attract your DREAM clients every single day & bank cash in semi passive way.

You love the way I teach, love my methods and appreciate my growth. You are very sure that working with me is gonna get you the results that you have desired for a long time. 

What exactly do you get:

✔️12 Laser Focussed Monthly Missions that help you Nail Visibility and set Evergreen Systems to bring in consistent sales. (Value over $1200)

✔️Access to signature offers that work around the 12 missions to be able to take action. (Delivered live for the first round) (Value Over $2000)

✔️Weekly Hot Seat Coaching Calls to get you sorted and on track.(Value Over $2000 for year)

✔️Monthly Get it Done Week where we take action and follow the exact roadmap on what has to be accomplished that work. As a motivation, I also promote your work to my full email list if done in a specific timeline. (Value over $1200 for a year)

✔️Private Facebook Group so you can get support from me and motivation from peers. (Value Over $300)

✔️A monthly detailed review of your work or projects. (Value Over $600 for a year)

Total value $7300 USD

You Pay $1997 USD Only/

✨Plus these kickass bonuses worth Over $1000/✨

To help you work on foundations and scale even beyond the scope of this Journey.

Bonus #1: 3 Days Monthly 1:1 Voxer Office Hours (Normally $397) 

This is one of my favourite times with clients. It’s your opportunity to message me privately on Voxer for 3 days a week.

✅Get some dedicated 1:1 time with Asmita.
✅Discuss all those things that you may not want to discuss in the group setup. 

Bonus #2: Host Your Bundle Mission (Normally $497) 

✅Access to my bundle debriefs plus detailed modules to enable you to host your own bundle and to get exponential reach and publicity.   

Bonus #3: Special Features and prizes for being an action-taker

✅I will be rewarding you for taking action which may include 1:1 time with me, a special feature on my socials & emails or access to anything that you don’t have access to.   

The Journey to success is perfect for you if:

😍 You’ve been wanting to add semi-passive revenue to your business and shift a little into evergreen business model.( A Multi Offer Ecosystem)

😍You are looking for action action-focused journey which isn’t an ordinary course or mastermind.

😍 You know you want to learn online business strategies from someone who has rebuilt her business by burning down a 5 fig biz to build something more aligned.

😍You crave to simplify business by learning from a mommy who built her biz with pregnancies and babies. (2 babies in 2.5 years)

😍 You’ve realized you need to focus on one program and take necessary actions rather than investing at multiple places and getting drained.

😍 You want to build a sustainable business that’s in for long-term growth and not just a hobby style that totally depends on you or those endless discivery calls.

😍You've already seen a 5 to 6 figure success in your business and now its time to slightly evergreenify your business.

😍You are bored selling to the same audience again and again and now to expand your horizon with massive visibility.

😍You desire to do the work today which enables you to celebrate sales coming in daily in future.

The Journey to success is not right for you if:  

🙅‍♀️ You haven't seen yet seen atleast a 5 figure success with your coaching business and scaling is not on your list this year.

🙅‍♀️You aren’t trying to build a sustainable systems and looking for quick-fix solutions to make money.

🙅‍♀️You easily get attracted to shiny objects and this feels like just another one.  

🙅‍♀️ You aren’t ready to take action or maybe too pre-occupied and this isn’t the right time.  

🙅‍♀️You don’t love to commit to long term and may give up mid-way.

🙅‍♀️You get scared of automation and are not open to learn the simple systems which includes funnels to scale your business.

🙅‍♀️You love learning but struggle to take action and it would be hard for you to commit to the monthly missions.


Evergreen systems that don’t rely on trends or have time-specific benefits and methods to bring in cash every single day.

🔥Massive List Growth: Lead Magnets, Bundles, Facebook Ads, Evergreen Content

🔥Automated Revenue Model: Tripwire Offers, Lead Magnet Funnels, Evergreen Sales Sequences, Micro offers-order bumps

🔥Email Only Launches: Waitlisting, Flash sales and offer parties

🔥Evergreen Sales Assets: Sales pages, Sales sequences


✅ 12 Laser Focussed Monthly Missions that help you Nail Visibility and set Evergreen Systems to bring in consistent sales

Value $2000

✅ Access to signature offers that work around the 12 missions to be able to take action

Value $2000

✅ Weekly Hot Seat Coaching Calls to get you sorted and on track

Value $2000

✅ Monthly Get it Done Week where we take action and follow the exact roadmap on what has to be accomplished that work

Value $1200

✅ Private Facebook Group so you can get support from me and motivation from peers

Value $300

✅ A monthly detailed review of your work or projects

Value $600

✅ BONUS: 3 Days Monthly 1:1 Voxer Office Hours

Value $397

✅ BONUS: Host Your Bundle Mission

Value $497

✅ BONUS: Special Features and prizes for being an action-taker




🔥Get Instant access for 77% off


No More Getting Your Income Capped and totally dependent on you...

Yes, it's time to set systems in your business to work for itself.

It's time to make money every single day.

It’s time to get Visible and Seen as an expert Globally.

Are You ready for the transformative journey which can shift your business to the next level?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You will get instant access to Journey Curriculum (monthly missions in separate sections) and signature programs (Either live or iinstant access). You'll also get an invite to join our private Facebook group and the hot seat coaching calls. You will have my Voxer ID and details about how Voxer office hours work. You will also get access to mission-specific training and what exactly had to be done.

Each month, we have a get it done week where a group of members will be on the same mission depending on which cohort they get in. You get your daily tasks, accountability and support to accomplish the mission.

You get rewarded for completing these missions with some exposure and visibility perks from me.

You will be given access to monthly mission training and what exactly has to be done each month. There would be a dedicated Get It Done week where we laser focus on this mission. (Don’t worry it is not additional calls)

This will be your dedicated week for taking action. I will be giving daily tasks/challenges wherever possible. Will be checking on how is the progress. This will be purely self-commitment and support in the group and not hour-long calls that drain your energy. We will try to organise get it done week which starts with one of the hot seat coaching calls.

We work on creating lead magnets and self-study courses inside the journey. However, you should have at least worked with clients and delivered some programs. You should be clear on your niche and how you would love the ecosystem to shape up. If you are totally new…this isn’t the space for you, You would benefit more from joining Audience Builders Club instead.

I would love to clarify this is not a course or a membership. It’s a Journey of 12 months and you will constantly need to learn and take action. We make sure it is not content-heavy so you can focus a lot on implementation. I would say you need to commit at least 5 hours a month to work on these missions.

The strategies that I teach are the foundational basis of online business. They are not industry-specific or limited to only coaching. You have seen me and my clients grow depsite being in different sectors. If you feel these missions will shape your business then you know these strategies will work for you.

I don’t teach completed funnels but this journey is all about tech and automation. We do use simple tech and automation to build our evergreen sales & visibility systems. We would be dealing with landing pages, sales pages, and micro offers. If you don’t love tech for simplifying business then this may not be the right fit for you.
All that I teach is built using all "In tool New Zenler" for my Business and no otehr tools.

The FB ads mission is added as it is one of the core visibility strategies. We try to build systems to recover the ad spend in 30 to 45 days. Also, my offers never force you to implement what you don’t like. You can learn ads and invest in them whenever you feel you are ready.

Please reach out to me and we will get your ABC discount sorted if you have paid for a year. If you are paying monthly then your subscription will be cancelled and moved to this.

No, you only get lifetime access to certain signature offers but not the complete journey framework. You will have an alumni plan if you want to stay connected with the missions even beyond 1 year.

Unfortunately no. This is not a membership. It’s a year-round journey and no refund or cancellations are allowed. Please commit to it only when you are sure ti move ahead. You are always welcome to join Audience Builders Club if you wish to try and cancel if not happy.

Yes, we have flexible monthly payment plans. These are payment plans and not a subscription that can be cancelled.

I will be happy to answer your questions, please write to hello@asmitajason.com or message me on Instagram.

I don’t normally jump on discovery calls but if you are kean on joining and wanna have a chat with me, lets connect.  But feel free to ask any questions you have on IG-@asmitajason. I will be happy to answer all of your questions. Once you feel this is for you and you wanna invest, we can connect on a quick call. 

You are here because you are looking for the right support and guidance in your business. I know you are destined for much more success. This is your place to learn aligned strategies and scale your business with ease.

You are a perfect fit for this membership.
You have the desire to cross the 5k Months mark and build a sustainable business.