A 5-Day Instagram Stories Challenge to
Sell Your Offers

Discover the proven sequences and sales psychology you need to sell out your offers utilising your IG stories.

You May have signed up for many challenges in the past but this is gonna be the best one. You will be learning from my own experience and examples. I will be participating in the challenge along with you to get you the best accountability buddy. πŸ‘‹πŸ»
You will receive step-by-step instructions to complete the challenge. You will receive live feedback and of course leads and sales as you go along. πŸ“
Every day a new video and a pdf with live examples will be shared with you on how exactly you can create stories. You will be added to the most engaging
community to encourage each other. πŸ₯³
You will learn so much from this live experience that you will never want to forget!!!

Meet Your Accountability Buddy πŸ’ž

I love Instagram stories so much that 70% of client revenue comes from Instagram. I get so many leads and sales from stories that don’t make it a necessity to go for massive launches.

This live challenge is all of the experience of signing clients on Instagram with ease. I am going to be with you on this journey and we are gonna skyrocket your sales.

I am a Business & Mindset Coach for women just like you who want to boost visibility, build a sustainable business and scale beyond 5K months.