Step by Step Passive Income Guide

Your step-by-step game plan for creating passive income with ease.

This Guide will enable you to:

  • Create a step-by-step plan to generate a passive income stream.
  • Generate passive income without burning yourself out.
  • Sell your offers without live launches.
  • Create offers that get sold automatically.
  • Set up your funnel to automate your sales. 

Who am I?

Hello Ladies! It’s me Asmita!

Hi, I am Asmita!

I am a pro when it comes to starting and scaling your coaching biz online!

In 2022, I successfully scaled my business to work LESS and EARN MORE.

I have 4X my income after the major revamp despite starting from scratch again!!  

I am a certified Course and Launch Strategist and getting certified in Mindset & Neurogetics Coaching to give the best to my clients.  

As a business Freedom coach with over 4 years of experience in online marketing, a degree in mechanical engineering, and a master's in business analytics, I am all set to help you activate your inner boss and create the life of FREEDOM that you desire.  

Grab the Step-by-Step Passive Income Guide now!

The exact steps to help you generate passive income with ease.

The exact steps to ease your launch stress.